We’re proud of our team’s capabilities We go above and beyond for each of our customers and our team outperforms the competition time and time again.

Going Above and Beyond

Metal studs laying down at J.E. Allen“We’re out there doing the job, which is what sets us apart,” John Allen IV said. “And we don’t just send two guys out there. We go and make sure people are safe.”

On any given day, you can call either John Allen IV or John Allen V and they’re likely on the road, getting products for clients. Currently, J.E. Allen is working on a new Marriott in Little Rock.

They put in a submittal, it was approved and, like clockwork, approximately 600 studs were put on the fifth floor for the contractors. However, while on site we then realized they’d need different studs. In order to stay on project, John Allen IV hopped in a truck and set out for Memphis, going to get the studs we needed that day, so they’d have them ready to go tomorrow.

It’s never a dull day here, but after all, your success is our success.

J.E. Allen Co.