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Acoustical Products

We carry a quality selection of acoustical ceiling tiles and panels that are aesthetically pleasing, customizable and provide outstanding sound control for any interior space. Comparable to Armstrong, these soundproof ceilings outperform by offering fire protection and defense against humidity.

Pinta Acoustic

exceptional acoustical and design control

Pinta Acoustical Control Ceiling
Acoustical Control
Solve the most difficult acoustical challenges with products that have high absorption levels over the entire spectrum from 125 – 5,000 Hertz.
Exceeds Standards
Exceeds Standards
Designed to exceed acoustical, aesthetic and sustainability requirements providing multiple options for many different projects.
Torso Pinta Ceiling
Optionally equipped with custom lighting, smoke detectors or speakers, designers are allowed creative freedom to create highly customized spaces.
Pinta Renewable

Options of recyclable material from beverage bottles with the ability to completely recycle after its useful life and coat with custom colors.

Customizable Pinta Product
Custom Colors

Many Pinta Acoustic products can be colorized or individually painted providing there freedom to create colorful environments. 

Ceiling Baffles
Ceiling and Walls
Thread with metal rods, suspend from ceilings, drape through rooms, mount to walls these products have almost limitless applications.
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rockfon® stone wool

takes performance to new heights

Sound Absorption
Sound Absorption

The non-directional fiber orientation of stone wool and the open surfaces make Rockfon ceilings highly sound absorbent. UL/ULC certified for NRC, CAC and AC.

Fire Resistance
Fire Protection

Rockfon is noncombustible, resists temperatures up to 2,150°F, and acts as a fire barrier giving occupants of buildings extra minutes to escape a fire.

Humidity and Sag
Humidity and Sag Resistance

Do not sag or lose their shape even in high humidity environments. They are dimensionally stable and retain their characteristics, unaltered, over time.


Comprised primarily of basalt rock, a resource available in nature in limitless supply, in combination with up to 42% recycled content.

Clean Air Quality
Indoor Environment

GREENGUARD GOLD certified for low VOC. It is naturally resistant to harmful microorganisms and molds that cause MRSA, skin infections, pneumonia, and other airborne illnesses.

Cleanability in a lab

Rockfon ceilings can be vacuum cleaned and select product finishes allow for cleaning with a damp cloth and even steam cleaning.

Hygiene in a medical lab

Made of water-repellent stone wool, which has no nutritional value and therefore provides no sustenance to harmful microorganisms such as mold, fungi, or bacteria.

Installation features

Installing Rockfon panels is quick and simple. Their lightweight stone wool core makes them installer-friendly – easy to transport, handle, cut, and mount.


Delivers exceptional surface smoothness in ceilings, enabling monolithic, concealed, semi-concealed and visible edges and a number of design options such as color, shapes, and sizes.

see the difference in

pinta acoustic
and rockfon products

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