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Acoustical Products

We carry a quality selection of acoustical ceiling tiles and panels that are aesthetically pleasing, customizable and provide outstanding sound control for any interior space. Comparable to Armstrong, these soundproof ceilings outperform by offering fire protection and defense against humidity.

exceptional acoustical and design control

Acoustical Control
Solve the most difficult acoustical challenges with products that have high absorption levels over the entire spectrum from 125 – 5,000 Hertz.
Exceeds Standards
Designed to exceed acoustical, aesthetic and sustainability requirements providing multiple options for many different projects.

Create artistic stand-out pieces with custom-shaped acoustic panels. Pinta’s Products are customizable to deliver creative freedom for architects, designers and building owners. 


Pinta Acoustic develops dimensional ceiling and wall products that provide exceptional acoustical control and unique design. 

Custom Colors

Many Pinta Acoustic products can be factory painted to match Sherwin Williams and RAL colors, giving freedom to create colorful environments. 

Ceiling and Walls
Thread with metal rods, suspend from ceilings, drape through rooms, mount to walls these products have almost limitless applications.

Innovative Designs For Quieter Workspaces

Frasch specializes in acoustical solutions that are as innovative as they are functional.

Give your space the silent treatment with award-winning acoustic design.

Reduce unwanted reverberation in any space with sound dampening products for walls, ceilings, and lighting.

Marry creative design with functional sustainability.

Made with PET felt containing 55% post-consumer recycled content.

PET felt is 100% recyclable at the end of its life.

Absorb sound, soothe the mind and ease the spirit.


Products specifically designed to absorb sound by using 100% natural preserved mosses.


Preserved plants offer endless possibilities of interior design creations, from Green Walls to Green Logos, Moss Frames, or any kind of custom architectural work.


Using specially preserved greenery, the products reduce noise pollution, add beauty, and boost productivity- all while promoting respect for the natural environment and encouraging sustainability.


Unlike like living green walls, Greenmood mosses and foliage’s require neither pruning, nor watering, nor even sunlight, thanks to their unique ecological preservation process.


 Inspire a closer connection between people and nature by using natural products to make indoor environments acoustically more serene and visually more stimulating.


Biophilic Solutions make the beauty of nature a fixture everyone can appreciate and enjoy for years to come.


Grown in Northern European Forest, hand-picked by local producers, keeping with ancestral sustainable methods respectful of the environment.

Biophilic Artwork Pieces

The “Framed” series comes fully assembled in one piece ready to hang, just like a painting.

Ideal for any type of interior, from residential to commercial, the Framed collection has been intelligently designed to enhance any space, from living room or bedroom to a corporate office or lobby.

  • Four different sizes.
  • Five distinctive design styles.
  • Multidirectional hanging possibilities.


Pioneers in the design and manufacturing of acoustical products for over 50 years.

Acoustical products that provide a practical, decorative solution to noise control for all types of buildings.

Products for commercial spaces, including large facilities such as Arenas and Convention Centers.

Cost effective solutions that perform beyond your expectations.

Made in the U.S.A.

A highly sound absorbent fiberglass core covered by one of your favorite Guilford of Maine fabrics.

Weather Resistant Exterior Acoustical Panels for outdoor applications such as amphitheaters, pavilions, amusement facilities, noise enclosures and transportation noise barriers.

A Fast, Flexible Approach to Architectural Wall Design

Mix materials and panel sizes to create your unique design.

Install panels quickly and easily with Cambio’s breakthrough magnetic installation system

Exchange panels as needed- or recreate the entire wall.

Cambio Panels come in a variety of striking textures, colors, sizes and materials.

Design your wall instantly with the Cambio Visualizer.

Cambios patent pending design makes the creation and installation of an architectural wall easier than ever before.


S.O.L.I.D. – Solid to the Core defines OWA. For over 60 years OWA has been refining & perfecting the CORE of their mineral wool products.

Sound: Natural & Controlled – Balanced line of mineral wool products enables you to control the acoustics with sound absorption from .60 to .95NRC or high blocking up to 40dB 

Organic Raw Materials – Mineral wool produced from pure, fresh, renewable raw materials that does not use slag during the production process, lowering our carbon footprint but retaining quality and durability 

Less Air Permeation – Less air flow through the rich core minimizes dust, dirt and debris without the need for hold-down clips or gasketed grid – 10x less than fiberglass

ISO4 Cleanroom – All of OWA’s Octave products are a minimum of ISO4 rated on cut edges, meaning it can be used for the most hygienic environments 

Durable Core – Reduce install time, labor and material cost, dust and punch list items using our durable, ISO4 cleanroom capable pure mineral wool products

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rockfon® stone wool

takes performance to new heights

Sound Absorption
Sound Absorption

The non-directional fiber orientation of stone wool and the open surfaces make Rockfon ceilings highly sound absorbent. UL/ULC certified for NRC, CAC and AC.

Fire Resistance
Fire Protection

Rockfon is noncombustible, resists temperatures up to 2,150°F, and acts as a fire barrier giving occupants of buildings extra minutes to escape a fire.

Humidity and Sag
Humidity and Sag Resistance

Do not sag or lose their shape even in high humidity environments. They are dimensionally stable and retain their characteristics, unaltered, over time.


Comprised primarily of basalt rock, a resource available in nature in limitless supply, in combination with up to 42% recycled content.

Clean Air Quality
Indoor Environment

GREENGUARD GOLD certified for low VOC. It is naturally resistant to harmful microorganisms and molds that cause MRSA, skin infections, pneumonia, and other airborne illnesses.

Cleanability in a lab

Rockfon ceilings can be vacuum cleaned and select product finishes allow for cleaning with a damp cloth and even steam cleaning.

Hygiene in a medical lab

Made of water-repellent stone wool, which has no nutritional value and therefore provides no sustenance to harmful microorganisms such as mold, fungi, or bacteria.

Installation features

Installing Rockfon panels is quick and simple. Their lightweight stone wool core makes them installer-friendly – easy to transport, handle, cut, and mount.


Delivers exceptional surface smoothness in ceilings, enabling monolithic, concealed, semi-concealed and visible edges and a number of design options such as color, shapes, and sizes.



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